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Simple IM Autoresponder update (coupon inside)

November 2, 2016 by Quincy Johnes

Simple autoresponder for Second Life botsSimple IM Autoresponder is a module which adds a bit of interactivity to your personal bot. Basically, it allows to react on certain keywords in residents’ IMs.

This module is very popular addon at SmartBots. We just updated the module’s functionality:

  • bot is now able to send a group invitation in response to resident’s IM,
  • inventory delivery chooser has been improved,
  • configuration page asks for a confirmation if you have unsaved changes,
  • finally, the page has been refashioned (this has been done to match our design guidelines).


LiveIMs automated responses can now be hidden!

April 22, 2016 by Drake Nightscale

HNSbt3BWe’ve added a new filter that allows you to hide your automated responses via the LiveIMs module.

By ticking the box “Hide automatic bot replies”, you’ll be able to hide or unhide the answers your bot gave to your visitors. This feature does only appear if your bot is wearing any sort of automated response features such as the Simple IM Autoresponder module or Pandorabots for example.

With this update – done in re-order – we try to make your read experiences much more easier to manage!

New bot module: simple configurable autoresponder

February 19, 2013 by Glaznah Gassner

Simple autoresponder for Second Life botsThe new bot module is available: Simple Autoresponder. This module adds the configurable autoresponder which reacts on IM messages.

The Autoresponder can be configured using rules: each rule determines the bot’s reply when specific text is being received. The example of the rule:

  1. If IM from a resident contains “Hello”
  2. then bot replies “Hi there! Welcome to our location!”
  3. and delivers “Our location in SL” landmark from the inventory

Yes, the inventory delivery is also available! You can choose items directly from the bot’s inventory using interactive inventory browser.

The module is already available for purchase in Bot Store for just L$199. The module documentation page is available here.