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New, refreshed Local Chat – now with calendar!

Local Chat add-on has an exciting update that will open more options for your Personal Bot. Until now, we were only able to view and send messages through to bot’s local chat.  You have asked for more and we listened, Local Chat add-on was updated with more advanced tools and here they are!

Lets see what’s inside!


Firstly, we’ve remastered main page of the add-on – allowing you to navigate through the pages much more easier, with some good vibe of user-friendliness!

After that, we’ve added some cool features:  (more…)

New bot module allows talking over local chat

Second Life bot using a local chat from web pageWe’ve released a new Alive Module: Local Chat. It allows your bot accessing its local chat.

The bot’s local chat control becomes available in your SmartBots web account, so you can read messages and talk with nearby avatars via your personal bot. All messages are being saved even if you are offline yourself!

Local Chat module has been designed to support your visitors without logging to Second Life. It is also a great way to monitor your office surroundings!

The module can be bought in a Bot Store. Take a look at module’s documentation page for more info and examples.