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HTTP API commands added and updated

HTTP API updates: control your Second Life botSmartBots HTTP API functions have been extended by adding the new functionality.

listinventory – retrieve the bot’s inventory contents

listinventory command allows listing the bot’s inventory: items, wearables, folders. Now this command shows the object’s permissions. More information available in docs.

give_inventory command improved

give_inventory command sends inventory items to a specific resident. Now it is possible to send the whole folders (just specify the folder inventory UUID – system determines the inventory item type automatically).

Also, the error handling has been improved: the function now returns an error if object permissions do not contain a ‘Transfer” flag.

These changes are published already, you may use them in your applications or try HTTP API by using SmartBots API Testing Suite.

Changing the group Second Life bot is easy

If you need to change the bot managing your Second Life group, you can do this yourself now.

Instead of writing a support ticket or asking our manager to make the necessary changes, login to your SB account and click on the “change” link next to your current bot’s name.

Don’t forget to invite the new bot to the groups and give it the necessary abilities! If you need a help, contact any SmartBots support manager.

Model bots order form fixed

We’ve just discovered and fixed the error which was preventing some customers from registering a new Model Bot.

The error is completely fixed now, please proceed and order your Model Bot. Deeply sorry for the inconvenience!

Rent a Personal Bot with SmartBots!

Second Life bot hosting with SmartBotsWe are proud to introduce the new SmartBots service: Personal Bots!

SmartBots’ personal bot is your own Second Life avatar hosted on our servers. As before, we ensure that your bot runs 24 hours 7 days a week. We will help you to manage your bot avatar!

Easy setup, live support is available!