IM Greeter updated!

IM Greeter is a small feature that comes with Group Inviter Service. It allows your bot to send out greeting messages to visitors – and it just got better!

We have implemented some new features:

  • Greeting IM can now be multi-line
  • Maximum text size increased to 1024 bytes
  • Supports ASCII and international letters


Group Inviter plugin for Alika Rent

We’ve developed the group inviter plugin for Alika Rent system. Alika Rent is low-lag rental system, all scripts (including SmartBots plugin) are located in the server object rather than populating the rental boxes.

The plugin is available for purchase in our SL Marketplace store.

Installation is very easy: unpack the box, drop script and config notecard to the Alika Rent server. Edit config notecard and – voila! – installation complete.

The additional information and feature list is available in SmartBots Documentation.