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LiveIMs improvements and HUD fix

The issue with broken HUD “new IM” indicator has been fixed. It works properly now: the indicator appears with new IMs arrive; and disappears when you read all these IMs.

Also, the Live IMs add-on web interface has been improved:

  • the dialog messages made compact (excessive sender’s name removed),
  • “mark all IMs read” button added.

Personal Bot HUD – v6.0 Update!

Personal Bot HUD allows you to remotely control your bot, such as to sit on specific objects, stand and even command your bot to use favorite animations.

This new HUD v6.0 has been just released, with some great new features:

1. A lot of old-fashioned code has been thrown out

HUD works more smoothly and consumes a bit less sim resources now.

2. New “Tools” tab

We’ve replaced the “Items” with a new “Tools” tab. It allows navigating to SmartBots’ most used add-ons: Local Chat, Live IMs, Simple Autoresponder and Sim Governor.

3. The “Touch” menu is now here

It allows your bot to touch objects in-world using the object’s UUID. Your bots can now easily touch Tip Jars, Online Boards, Sploders and other things.

New Personal Bot HUD controls are also look a bit smoother. You can get your new Personal Bot HUD in SmartBots in-world store.

Advanced Bot HUD by RenderWorks!

A new HUD created by RenderWorks has been added to the bot store!

The Advanced Bot HUD is packed with the following features:

  • Ability to move your bot, sit, teleport and fly from one HUD.
  • Send notices, Group IMs and Personal IMs.
  • Virtually NO lag (uses SmartBots HTTP API).
  • Send L$ and friendship requests!
  • Ability to convert keys to names, and names to keys!

For a full list of the features please visit this plugin’s bot store page.