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Increasing security of SmartBots

SmartBots is secure accounts with encryptionWe are working to increase the security of SmartBots accounts.

While internal data was properly secured from the very beginning, the external connections (accounts in particular) were not using SSL till now. We are beginning the system-wide update process to raise the security to present-day requirements.

This will be done in two steps:

  1. The first step is to secure all website sections: accounts, BotStore, HTTP API and API testing suites. This step has been done, and now your account connection is always secure:
    SmartBots is SSL encrypted
  2. The second step is implementing a two-factor authentication to login to SmartBots account. This feature will be added a bit later, with an ability to turn it on by request (since you may not want to list your phone number with us).

Please post a reply to this post or submit a ticket if you experience any troubles with new secured sections of website, have any wishes or suggestion on a further security measures.