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BOTS IPO is running, 50% sold

SmartBots Blog October 26, 2011 by Glaznah Gassner

SmartBots IPO (Initial Public Offering of company’s shares) has been launched at SLCAPEX marketplace 3 hours ago. 50% of shares are sold already!

As CEO of SmartBots, I would like SmartBots customers to become shareholders (the share price is just L$1 during IPO). This will help us to establish the tight collaboration, and you will benefit from SmartBots development.

How to create account with SLCAPEX (video)

Teleport to SmartBots office and create your SLCAPEX account: just pay L$1 to the SLCAPEX terminal (it will be added to your SLCAPEX balance).

We’ve made a video explaining how to do register:

The link to SLCAPEX terminal:

I’ll be in office, you can contact me if you have any questions.

Glaznah Gassner,
SmartBots CEO

P.S. I was going to publish the information about bonuses for shareholders today, but it seems that IPO will be finished soon. I’ve decided to post this notification instead, so customers have time to buy shares during IPO. The bonuses listing will be posted anyway, but later a bit.

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