Do more with Smartbots #03

SmartBots Blog October 12, 2020 by DJEspektro Aeon

What if you could make your bot more alive? We have an addon for that too! Hurry while it’s on sale!

Waypoints Navigator add-on allows you to make bot moving through the sim (or even multiple sims).

You can order bot to teleport, walk, run, chat and perform other commands.



The add-on is available both for Standard and Model bots, making this add-on a must-have plugin for your environment bots. You can make your mannequins or office bots to welcome visitors and display your location in a friendly manner.


Waypoints setup is very easy and completely web-based (see screenshots for details). Add new waypoints, re-order them and update when required.

You can see the demo bot in our office walking around.


Get the add-on

Use the coupon code DOMORESB03 to get 25% discount on Waypoints Navigator Bot add-on.

This offer is valid until October 19th.

Feel free to contact our 24/7 Live Chat Support for any questions

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