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SimpAnalytics – the tool to measure SL traffic!

SimpAnalytics - collect and analyze your parcel traffic in Google AnalyticsSimple Analytics is latest project from a creators of SmartBots!

Whether you are a large SL business owner managing multiple sims, or a small one, you can now collect, analyze and review the traffic of all your SL parcels. Both historical and real-time data available.

SimpAnalytics allows you to use Google Analytics, which is designed to track hits on websites. Within minutes you can start tracking your land traffic. Traffic analysis and data management is an essential aspect to every business in Second Life: you can get started at SimpAnalytics website. It’s absolutely free!

  1. Create your SimpAnalytics account & add your parcel
  2. Rez a special Tracker device
  3. Link it with your Google Analytics account (website will explain you how to create one)

Visit Simple Analytics website and create a free account now!
Theres’ a live help chat available if you get any questions.

Sent/accepted invitations graph

The graphical representation of your SL group effectiveness is now available!

The graph displays two values: the number of sent invitations and number of accepted invitations (see example picture at the right).

The graph allows to evaluate the average amount of accepted invitations, and acceptance rate. The usual acceptance rate is 15-30% (e.g. 15 of 100 visitors join your group). The graph also allows to evaluate your Second Life  group description effectiveness.