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Adding to blacklist directly from web chat

A new option has been added to SmartBots Group Chat service: now you can add resident to the blacklist without leaving the chat page.

How does it work

As you may see on the following picture, the “Eject or blacklist resident” section contains two options now:

The first option (“Eject resident from the group”) controls wherever you want to eject selected resident from the group members. If this option is checked, and resident is not in the group, operation will fail.

The second option (“Add resident to blacklist”) controls if you need to blacklist resident, and prevent him/her from joining the group. You may blacklist person even if he is not a group member at all.



Fighting the group chat spammers is a headache, especially when they join your group back in a minute!

To forbid certain residents to join your group, use the new SmartBots feature: the blacklist. Blacklisted residents will never receive the group invitation from SmartBots-powered devices!

This allows to secure your group chat: close the enrollment of your Second Life group and use SmartBots devices to get new group members.

Read more in SmartBots documentation!