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Large groups support improvements

Linden Lab has improved the processing of large Second Life groups (10K+) recently.  We are glad to inform that SmartBots bots utilize these improvements now, making the group load and export routines reliable and much faster.

Contrary to the previous methods, even the large groups are loading almost immediately now (25,000 group completely loads in about 30 seconds). SmartBots utilize the new SL server calls to make group invitation, chat and notices, export routines more affective.



Export your group members!

The new SmartBots function has been just published: SL group members export.

You can export your group members to a text file, including names and UUIDs. This is extremely useful if you need the members list to use with another SL service.

The group list can be easily imported to ArtiZan Mailer as list can be saved in the following formats:

  • UUID Firstname Lastname
  • UUID, Firstname Lastname
  • Firstname Lastname:UUID
  • UUID
  • Firstname Lastname

The price of the new service depends on your Second Life group size and starts from L$500.


The most recent documentation on group export is located here.