Mute List Control add-on released (spoiler: it is free!)

SmartBots Blog April 2, 2018 by Quincy Johnes

MuteList add-on is a user-friendly web interface to view and manage block lists of a Personal Bot.

The add-on supports viewer-side blocks as well: if you block someone from your bot’s Viewer, the interface will update accordingly.


Various Second Life message sources can be muted:

  • Avatars by SL Name or UUID
  • Object by name
  • Object by UUID


The add-on is absolutely free, you can get it at SmartBots Store right away.

We’ve got used to publish discount coupons along with a new add-on… Well, since Mute List Control is free, here’s the 10% discount coupon on all Store add-ons: MUTINGISFUN (coupon is valid through Apr 9th).


You can read more information about MuteList at the add-on documentation page

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Live Support Chat

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