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Group Activity BOOSTER (GAB) v3.0 released

SmartBots Blog December 3, 2019 by Glaznah Gassner

The new Group Activity BOOSTER (also know as GAB Machine) has been updated to version 3.0.

The new features are:

  1. Random landing points
  2. The “hunting” text and hint
  3. Multi-line message support
  4. Ability to test message in local chat

These features in detail are revealed below.

Random landing points

Previously, all visitors were landing directly on the GAB Machine. This may be inconvenient, especially if you want visitors to explore your parcel.

Now you can set one or more landing points for the visitors:

The random landing point will be chosen for every message:

“Landing Hunt” text

The GAB Machine can be located far away from your landing point. To help visitors locating the GAB Machine, use the “landing hunt”:

The landing hunt message is being delivered along with the message (see the example above).

Multi-line message

Your message may contain multiple lines of text now:

Ability to test in local chat

Finally, you can test the GAB messages locally:

The button sends the test message to the local chat, so nobody except you see it:

How to get GAB

Visit SL Marketplace and get the GAB Machine. It is completely free if you use your own group (and costs just L$2 per day if you want to use our “GAB Official Group”).

More help is available in Group Activity Booster docs.

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