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Trusted Managers – now able to control modules!

Trusted managers are able to control bot modulesWe are excited to announce the recent changes we’ve done for Trusted Managers section. Your Trusted Managers are now also able to control the bot modules you purchase at Bot Store.

Currently, there are four modules your managers are able to control:

As soon as you assign specific modules to your manager, he get the complete control over that module (however, without an ability to attach/detach modules – this is still your personal ability).

Choose your allies wisely!

Now hiring: looking for a support managers

Looking for a support managerWe are looking for more managers to support SmartBots’ customers (by means of in-world chat, in-world group and tickets). Read the requirements below and contact us if you comply with all of them:

  • you are familiar with SmartBots services (at least with some of them) or ready to master them;
  • you are talkative, polite and nice;
  • you spend a lot of time in Second Life every day;
  • you wish to help people working with SmartBots.

Send your applications to Glaznah Gassner by email: (IMs may get capped).

Please provide the following information:

  • your SL name;
  • the time you usually spend online;
  • the languages you talk;
  • your experience with SmartBots (if any);
  • your Second Life experience (age, skills, previous places of employment).

Trusted Managers for groups and bots

We were frequently asked by our customers to allow managers controlling their personal bots. This is finally done – the “Trusted Manager” section has been published.

“Trusted Manager” is a resident who can control your bot using SmartBots HUD like you do. You can list as much Trusted Managers as you need – read the documentation page for details.

Moderators vs Trusted Managers

You may know that we had “Group Moderators” section before, which allowed giving similar access rights to your groups. Now “Moderators” page has been replaced by “Trusted Managers”. (more…)