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Live IMs page badges

Live IMs module unread messages badgeLive IMs is an extremely popular SmartBots module for Second Life bots which allows talking through your bot.

About module: you can receive messages, reply to them and compose new conversations via web page. All messages go through your bot so it is an ideal solution for an office greeter or a support bot (our staff use it for support, too).

What’s new: to make your work with Live IMs a bit more convenient, we’ve added a badge displaying the number of unread messages.

This badge helps you noticing new messages.

A bit more info about Live IMs:

And a special discount coupon: get Live IMs with 25% discount: NOWIWONTMISS (available within next 3 days).

Waypoints Navigator module updated

20150820 - waypoints navigation module updatedThe Waypoints Navigator module just got a fresh update. This is a bugfix and improvements update:

  • Fix: Internet Explorer 11 bug has been fixed,
  • Fix: “Teleport” waypoint is now persistent (bot does not tend to teleport back in few seconds)
  • Added the ability to insert new commands to any position (at the beginning, end or after a specific waypoint),
  • Added floating box to allow saving the program without scrolling to the top.

The new discount coupon code is GIMMETHEWAY: it gives 10% discount to purchase the Waypoints Navigator module in our Store.

SmartBots at SL Marketplace

SmartBots devices and packages are available in our SL Marketplace shop (all packages are available with 10% discount, did you know that? :])

We appreciate if you review our services at SL Marketplace! To appreciate your review and time you spend writing it, we add 1 free week to your subscription.

Thank you for using our services, thank you for staying with SmartBots!