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Take a look at our new project – BabelShark

We are launching a new product – BabelShark, a service to localize websites and apps.

We developed BabelShark to bring localization to our Second Life projects: SpeedLight, Bots Playground.

BabelShark website –, there’s also a demo video.

Asking for your help to get noticed

We will be launching BabelShark at ProductHunt soon, and appreciate if you help to boost it! Check for more details, bonuses and free coupons in your account.

BabelShark is very important for our team! We really want it noticed, expand our online influence and bring more bleeding-edge technologies to Second Life.

Thank you for your support!
Click here to proceed!

Live SL group chat on your website – WebTalk

The completely new, brand and unique tool has been launched by SmartBots: WebTalk. This tool allows you to connect your web activity with Second Life, and allow your web visitors reading and talking in your Second Life group.

Web visitors authenticate themselves using Google, Facebook or Twitter account. Thus, logging to Second Life is not required at all. WebTalk remembers the SL name of the Ā authenticated person and will use it next time automatically.

Short FAQ

The following short FAQ explains the basics of WebTalk tool:

Q: How can I put WebTalk on my website?
A: This documentation page explains the WebTalk setup. Basically, you get HTML snippet code and put it on your website.

Q: Is it safe?
A: We’ve paid a lot of attention to the safety of the WebTalk. Besides the automatic spam checks, you can mute any user of the web using SmartBots Group Chat window.

Q: May I change WebTalk window appearance?
A: Yes, you may apply your own CSS file over WebTalk window, changing the appearance. Refer to this documentation page for details.

Please proceed to official WebTalk documentation page to see the screenshots and know more. The working WebTalk chat is also available at SmartBots contacts page.